VIP Members

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Member NameIndustry
La Morte, Christopher M.Education
La Roche, Gloria R.Government Department of Transportation
Labahn, Penny G.Mining
LaFrance, MaryEducation
Lalancette, Richard U.Industrial Minerals
Lalani, Naushir I.Dentistry
Lamb Shannon, KayArt
Lambert, Steve M.Government/Marketing
Landry, Denise C.Government
Laney, Morgan L.Automotive
Lankford, Lesia RenaFinancial
Larkin, Terry L.Publishing
Larson, Karen J.Insect control
Lasser, Myron G.Legal
Latham, William R.Government
Lathlaen, Richard A.Automotive
Lauer, Derek R.Architecture
Laughton, Barbara A.Marketing
Laventure, MaggieGovernment/Human Resources Administration
Law, Peter M.Education
Lawhorn, CatherineGovernment
Lawrence, Joseph R.Legal
Lawrence, Judith M.Beauty
Lazaro, Jose F.Pharmaceutical
Leary, Shirley RuthTransportation
Lee, Thomas R.Entertainment
Lee Brady, Mary ElizabethSocial Services, Clinical/Organizational Psychology
Lee Sr., James J.Salvage
Legaspi-Seils, Melody A.Gas
LeGro, Euly C.Communication Technology
LeGuiza, Gus C.Transportation
Lembesis, James C.Elevators
Lemburg-Taylor, JoyceHealthcare/Religion
Leonardo, Francisco A.Healthcare
Lepo-Wieniewitz, Jill IreneEducation
Leube, Lynn MarieAgriculture/Nursery
Levand, Daniel K.Automotive
Libutti, L. RobertWater Services
Liggett, Twila C.Educational Television
Lilly, Forrest K.Retail/Furniture
Lindemann, Scott K.Engineering
Lindley, Judith M.Animals
Lindsay, Michael T.Electricity
Livingston, David A.Education
Livingston, G MarieReligion
Livingston, LaDean J.Medical
Llopis-Smith, JocelynHealthcare
Lloyd, Shirley M.Insurance
Lobati, Frederick NtumMedical
Lockwood, StephenEntertainment/The Arts
Lodato, Mary P.Healthcare
Loeb, Robert S.Insurance/Financial Planning
Logan Jr., William D.Healthcare
Logothetis, StylianosEducation
Long, RandyFire Systems
Loper, Mary LeeHealthcare
Loper, Stewart CollinsLegal
Lostutter, Michael C.Consulting
Loureiro, Saundra E.Oil and Fuel
Louthan, Martanne L.Education
Love, Byron AnthonyInformation Technology
Lovelace, Charles W.Construction
Lovelace, Tabitha N.Food
Lowe, H. RobertBroadcasting
Lowe, Tina M.Author
Lowry, Karen K.Educational Service
Lucas, RaymondPet Products
Lucchesi, Linda D.Music Production
Luce, Russell G.Financial
Lucien, Natasha F.Legal
Lyons, Ronald D.Real Estate
Lyons, Vicki L.Education