Women of Excellence

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Janine Rajkowski

Title: Owner
Industry: Alternative Healthcare
Type of Organization: Health & Wellness
Major Product/Service: Providing alternative healing practices and ancient techniques supplement the traditional medical model for well-being
Expertise: With 36 years of experience, Sister Rajkowski oversees daily operations. She serves as a massage therapist/Polarity Practitioner and Counselor. She provides energy work, massage therapy, counseling, acupressure, body scrubs, facial treatments and reflexology.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Affiliations: A.M.A; A.P.T.A.
University/Degree: B.S.N., University of Eau Claire; M.A., Counseling Psychology, Alfred Adler Institute of Chicago; Registered Nurse, Psychotherapist Counselor
Hobbies/Sports: Volunteering as a Eucharistic Minister