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Wendy J. Buckley

Title: President and Founder
Industry: Transportation
Type of Organization: Hazardous Materials Consulting Service
Major Product/Service: Ensuring hazardous materials make it safely from their origin to their destination without harming people or the surrounding environment in compliance with the Federal and State regulations throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world
Expertise: Responsible for helping companies develop low-cost effective ways to comply with federal and state regulations in a safe and efficient manner; Oversees all operational and administrative tasks including business development, promotions, payroll, contract bids and estimating; Serves as Human Resources Director responsible for hiring
Geographic Area of Distribution: Pennsylvania
Affiliations: D.G.A.C.
University/Degree: B.S., International Business, Strayer University; M.S., Environmental, Safety and Health Management, University of Findlay, 2014; Maser Certificate, Project Management, Villanova University
Born: September 4, 1978, New York, New York
Hobbies/Sports: Art classes, family activities, her dog Brutus
Published Works: Monthly guest, Radio Show, Sirius XM146, "Road Dog News"; 1 book pending