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Shelley M. Klein

Title: Math Teacher
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: High School
Major Product/Service: Secondary education
Expertise: With almost 30 years experience, Dr. Klein is responsible for implementing and teaching the Common Core Math Curriculum and for integrating the English Language and English Language Learner curricula in her math classes. She also helps develop and ensure the implementation of other new math curricula for the department and mentors new teachers. She has completed a Math and Science Equity study through UCSB as well as several action research projects involving homework and organizational skills. Dr. Klein has shared her research, leadership plans and curricula ideas with her school. She has held several school leadership positions including serving on the School Site Council and Shared Decision Making committees. She has served as her school's Accreditation (W.A.S.C.) self-study leader, as a class advisor for 2007 and 2010, and as a math tutor.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Santa Maria, California
Affiliations: California Teachers Association; The Girl Scouts of America; A.A.U.W.; N.C.T.M.
University/Degree: M.A.; Administration Credential; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Ed.D., Pepperdine University, 2014
Born: December 21, Santa Maria, California
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, camping, teaching Sunday school
Work History: Dr. Klein previously served as a Math/Science Teacher at Comstock Jr. High, Santa Rosa and as a Math/Science Teacher at Greenfield Middle School, Greenfield, all of California.
Published Works: Presentations; Thesis