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Zonia Elvas Velasco

Title: President and CEO
Industry: Healthcare
Type of Organization: Wellness Center, Reflexology and Physical Therapy Facility
Major Product/Service: Providing physical therapy, reflexology, KMERT (Ki Meridian Energy Regulation Therapy)
Expertise: Ms Velasco has over 48 years experience as a physical therapist, and over 20 years experience as an Oriental Medicine Doctor and acupuncturist. She also serves as a physical therapist in a skilled nursing rehabilitation facility, and as a manual therapist in an out-patient setting. Putting both training and experience together in both Western and Eastern medicines, she created the KMERT system, which is a manual therapy that brings wellness and healing to the body faster, and is primarily used to get rid of pain and dysfunction by normalizing the flow of body energy or chi.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Dallas, Texas
Affiliations: American Physical Therapy Association; Texas Physical Therapy Association; Accupuncture Federation of America; Filipino Folk Arts Theatre; Mabuhay Fellowship; World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation
University/Degree: B.S., Physical Therapy, University of Philippines, 1968; D.A.O.M., Beijing College of Acupuncture, 1992
Born: Philippines
Hobbies/Sports: Music, literature, dance choreography, poetry, travel
Children: Noel Patrick Velasco, Christinne Anne Velasco-Mendoza, Sonia Claire Velasco-Ampil, Jeanne Marcelle Velasco-Vicars, Leiza Katrina Velasco-McArter; 14 Grandchildren; 4 Great-grandchildren
Work History: Ms. Velasco was the founder and artistic director of Filipino Folk Arts Theatre from 1988 through 2005, serving as a choreographer, music director, choir director, music arranger, librettist of stage and television productions, researcher and producer of many television programs pertaining to Filipino and Asian culture. She served as the Executive Director for President Cory Aquino's Welcome to Dallas in 1988.
Honors & Awards: World Champion in the Women’s Division, World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation World Tournaments, 1994; Awarded First Place Crystal Award, 2004; Numerous awards for Best in Set Decoration and Best in Cultural Programs; Mutya Ng Texas awardee for outstanding community leadership, 1998; Award for Outstanding Contributions in Culture and Arts, Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce, 2003
Published Works: 2 books in progress; Wrote libretti for numerous stage plays including "The Legend of the Sarimanok," and "Princess Tarhata"; CD, "East West"; Co-producted, Meditation CD
Career Accomplishments: Ms. Velasco was a Coloratura Soprano recording artist, specializing in East and West, classical Filipino songs, Western spiritual songs, Kulintang Filipino Music and current music. She is the worship leader for the Mabuhay Fellowship. Ms. Velasco produced and directed more than 36 shows for Dallas Community Television related to Filipino dance and music from 1996 through 2005. She served as a Neighborhood Touring Program artist for the City of Dallas Cultural Arts Program.