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Maria Eugenia O'Lenick

Title: Director
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: School
Major Product/Service: Education and childcare
Expertise: As school Director, Ms. O'Lenick is responsible for fostering an environment that allows children, their families and the staff to develop to their full potential. She is responsible for guiding staff in recognizing progress/variables in children’s development, informing families and making appropriate referrals if needed. Ms. O'Lenick establishes and maintains team building among all classroom teaching teams and the whole center staff by meeting regularly. She oversees ongoing staff/family communication which includes daily communication, children’s progress reports and family conferences. Ms. O'Lenick makes sure that she is available and accessible to families every day, and responds to family concerns. She establishes and sustain a sense of community through family involvement. She also plans and leads family social and educational events to build community and involve families. Ms. O'Lenick is also responsible for guiding staff in orienting families to classroom routine, curriculum and communication systems. She ensures that all licenses and permits are current.
Geographic Area of Distribution: Arlington, Virginia
University/Degree: B.A., Family Education, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 1966
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, classical music, theatre, opera
Work History: Ms. O'Lenick started her educational career in 1972 in Peru. As a Teacher and Center Director, she served as a Teacher and Director for Head Start, and as an Assistant Director and Director at IDB and as a Director for a second time at Children's International School.
Honors & Awards: Award for Dedicated Services to Children and Families, Head Start, Arlington, Virginia; Good Apple Award , for dedication to children with disabilities, Board of Children Together, City of Alexandria, Virginia; Exceptional Achievement Award, Peruvian American National Association
Published Works: Early childhood education articles, "Ahora y Siempre" magazine, Peru
Career Accomplishments: Throughout her career, communities where she has lived have benefited from Ms. O'Lenick's time and energy. While in Peru, she and another peer created a program called Mothers' Club, which connected personal needs of the less fortunate in the community to learn different productive activities to maintain their families such as cooking, knitting, embroidery and sewing. Ms. O'Lenick loves to travel. She has traveled throughout all the countries in South and Central America as well as some European countries.