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Klaus P. Fischer

Title: Professor
Industry: Education
Type of Organization: College
Major Product/Service: Higher education
Expertise: Dr. Fischer is retired after 50 plus years of experience. He is a published author, scholar, and professor.
Geographic Area of Distribution: California
Affiliations: Phi Alpha Theta; American Historical Association; International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations; H.L. Mencken Society
University/Degree: B.A., 1964; M.A., History and Philosophy, 1966, Arizona State University; Ph.D., European History, Anglo-American History, Philosophy of History, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1972
Born: December 12, 1942, Munich, Germany
Hobbies/Sports: Travel, reading, writing
Spouse: Sarah Ann Birkenhead
Married: December 12, 1981
Children: Ryan, Alex, Karl
Work History: Dr. Fischer taught philosophy, history, and comparative civilizations. He taught at the University of California - Santa Barbara; Fort Lewis College, Colorado; Chapman University, Vandenberg AFB; and was the Department Chair of Allan Hancock College of California. He also served as a college director at the VAB.
Published Works: Books, "Nazi Germany: A New History," "History and Prophecy: Oswald Spengler and the Decline of the West," "The History of an Obsession: German Judeophobia and the Holocaust," "America in White, Black, and Grey: The Stormy 1960s," "Hitler in America," "Germany in Turmoil, 1918-1923," "How was it possible? A Holocaust Reader"; Numerous articles